Adventure Club Brewing

  1. I have tasted the future, and it tastes good!
    Dr. Von Gerdtstein
  2. You will like this beer, I promise.
  3. I wandered out of the woods one day and came across this fantastic little brewery. The beer was good, I prefer something more 'earthy'. Maybe they could add more rabbits and walnuts to the beer. I give it two giant Sasquatch thumbs up!
  4. Good Beer!
    Beer Enthusiast
  5. No one has ever said, "You've added too much hops." I'd recommend trying to get someone to say it.
    Avid Hop Head
  6. A true Methode Traditionnelle! I'm so happy. Spontaneous fermentation is my favorite.
    Beer Nerd
  7. I'm so sad that I can't buy your beer at the gas station.
    Debbie Downer
  8. Thank you for offering to-go options! There's nothing better that taking a pair of crowlers out on an adventure! Cheers and keep doing what you're doing!
    M. Johnathon
  9. I don't care for hops so much. I really appreciate that you maintain a diverse tap list for the rest of us. Keep it up.
  10. Ho, ho, ho. I'll do my Christmas shopping at Adventure Club Brewing this year. My favorite thing is to spread some Christmas beer, I mean cheer. No, I think I did mean beer. Oh, bother. I suppose they're the same in the end!
    Santa Claus

Happy Adventurers

If you like our stuff, let us know.  Send us a message and if we post it, you get another beer on the house!  
The address is:
35265 South County Hwy J
Bayfield, WI 54814

For some reason Google Maps doesn't recognize it yet.  

It's right on the corner of 13 and J.